miércoles, 9 de enero de 2008

body language

Lenny Kravitz - Believe In Me (Mind One Remix)

Great trance tune, good job by mind one.

Lenny Kravitz - Believe In Me (Mind One Remix)

REQUEST: Sasha - who killed sparky

Sasha - who killed sparky

martes, 8 de enero de 2008

Members Of Mayday - 10 in 01 (Paul Van Dyk RMX)

Im not sure y i didnt upload this track when i got it 1month ago, well here it is srry for taking so long >.<.

Members Of Mayday - 10 in 01 (Paul Van Dyk RMX)

Kaliber - Kaliber 17

The new kaliber release, 17! The 3 tracks are great.

Kaliber - Kaliber 17.1

Kaliber - Kaliber 17.2

Kaliber - Kaliber 17.3

REQUEST: Richard Durand - Ledged Up (Raw & Hard mix) Set Rip

im preatty sure this track was requested, great although i could only find a rip for now.

REQUEST: Richard Durand - Ledged Up (Raw & Hard mix) Set Rip

REQUEST: Ran Shani - Kyoto Nights (Mathieu Bouthier Et Muttonheads Remix)

REQUEST: Ran Shani - Kyoto Nights (Mathieu Bouthier Et Muttonheads Remix)

Les Petits Pilous.

Les Petits Pilous have been making some great beats for a while now..
Have a look at their myspace: HERE
Came across these guys the same time i found Dolby Anol. I love their tracks so enjoy!

Jolie Fille - Les Petits Pilous
- Great track, i love this one.

E LEC TRONIC - Les Petits Pilous
- This is real nice as well...

Elise - Les Petits Pilous

- Another nice track from the french boysss.

Michelle Pabelle - Les Petits Pilous
- A beauty. 10/10 - Great tune.

Nice Bird - Les Petits Pilous

- These songs are just too good :)

Now for some REMIXES:

Bonafied Lovin (Les Petits Pilous Remix) - Chromeo
- Once again - very nice!

Jolie Fille (Bloody Beetroots Remix) Les Petits Pilous
- This is a NICE remix. Like this a lot.

REQUEST: thomas schwartz - jupiter calling.

Here u go, this track has made it hi up in the top100 chart of beatport fast. Keep an eye for this one ;).

thomas schwartz - jupiter calling

lunes, 7 de enero de 2008

Nicolette - No Government (Tocadisco's Lazy Days Remix)

Another new remix by tocadisco, really calm progressive house, love his base. Also leaving the dub which i like less but is better for clubs ;).

Nicolette - No Government (Tocadisco's Lazy Days Remix)

Nicolette - No Government (Tocadisco Dub)

3 more

Here are another 3 great electrohouse tracks thanx to my swiss friend.

David May - Run to you (Sir Colin & David May Club Mix)

Funkerman - Speed Up (Vincent Martin Vs. Sidekick Remix)

Provenzano - Devotion

Back in buisness!

Im back in England and what better to do than uploads tracks while stoned ^^. Great new electrohouse tune.

Dj Vivo & Lidor - Flow (Amir Amitai Electro Remix)

sábado, 5 de enero de 2008

Steak - Sebasien Tellier, Mr Oizo and SebastiAn

The OST for the film Steak... Im sure you know the artists! This is a little different from their usual stuff...
The tracklisting:

1. SebastiAn - Arrival
2. Mr. Oizo - Skatesteak
3. Sebastien Tellier & Mr. Oizo - Chivers As A Female
4. Mr. Oizo - Chuck
5. SebastiAn - Letrablaise
6. Mr. Oizo - Ringardos
7. Sebastien Tellier - Stadium
8. SebastiAn - Itea
9. Sebastien Tellier & Mr. Oizo - Plug It
10. Mr. Oizo - X Schmidt
11. Sebastien Tellier & Mr. Oizo - Hashis Vers
12. Mr. Oizo - Blue Wet Shirt
13. SebastiAn - Victimo
14. Sebastien Tellier & Mr. Oizo - Top 50
15. Sebastien Tellier - Exploites
16. Mr. Oizo - C.H.I.V.E.R.S
17. Mr. Oizo - Bonhomme
18. Sebastien Tellier & Mr. Oizo - Toizelle
19. SebastiAn - Kinder
20. Mr. Oizo - Bleue
21. Sebastien Tellier & Mr. Oizo - Construction



Martijn Ten Velden & Lucien Foort - Bleeep (Chriss Ortega & Thomas Gold Remix)

Another remix by this epic duo.

Martijn Ten Velden & Lucien Foort - Bleeep (Chriss Ortega & Thomas Gold Remix)

viernes, 4 de enero de 2008

Bias & Raul C feat Anna B - Love Was A Game (Coca & Villa Mix)

New coca & villa remix, if u dont allready know their style... well also calm trance, on the beach style of trance. Beutifull once again.

Bias & Raul C feat Anna B - Love Was A Game (Coca & Villa Mix)

The Delta Rock Duo - Beta receptor (M.I.K.E.'s undergroove remix)

New remix by M.I.K.E, nice calm trance track.

The Delta Rock Duo - Beta receptor (M.I.K.E.'s undergroove remix)

Fakt of Life - Blade Runner (Fake Hero mix)

Beutifull tune, epic piano anthem mixed with some trance. Trust me, its beutifull. Think i saw it on the top 100chart of trackitdown.com .

Fakt of Life - Blade Runner (Fake Hero mix)

Pussy Dub Foundation - make the world go around (gambafreaks 2007 dub)

New remix by gamba freaks, saw it top of i dont know which online chart... but good track, when it gets to the melody ull notice how similar it is to Dirty South - Let it Go. Enjoy.

Pussy Dub Foundation - make the world go around (gambafreaks 2007 dub)

REQUEST: sasha and john digweed - Saints And Sinners

Im not completly sure but i think someone requested this track, well here it is. Srry for the delay, so many uploads per day.... run out of time and all...

sasha and john digweed - Saints And Sinners

Kid Massive - Ease Yo Self (Granite & Phunk Remix)

Heres another one of the great Granite & Phunk remixes i had on my request list. 10/10.

Kid Massive - Ease Yo Self (Granite & Phunk Remix)

Coin - Still Remember (Michael Mind Remix)

New Michael Mind remix, great electrohouse.

Coin - Still Remember (Michael Mind Remix)

Sebastien Benett mixe pour clubbingHouse.com 32

Lots of new tracks ^^, hard work!


Groovestylerz - We Are Family (2-4 Grooves Remix)

Dj Gollum feat. Felixx - Fairytale Gone Bad (Alex Gap Treatment Mix)

Brad Head - The_Girlz_&_Boyz (Vandalism_Club_Mix)

Chris Kaeser & Nic Kat - Scream (Kim Jofferey Remix)

Mikel Curcio - Shout (?)

Maurinho Da Silva - New Year's Day (2007 electro mix)

??? + acapela Masters at Work - Work

Chriss Ortega Feat. Chandler P - Separated (Chriss Ortega And Thomas Gold Mix)

jueves, 3 de enero de 2008


The latest Global Underground release, i personally love all their releases and looking trough this one quickly, i love it as well. If u dont know about global underground cds... well to describe it i would say its chilled house, atleast more chilled than what ur used to, lots of tech house, minimal may be added, progressive house. Anyways at the end its a cd u can put at a dinner i would say ^^. Also the cd is separated in tracks ^^ and theirs lots of really exclusive tracks.


Took My Love Away - Ellis D
Surrender Yourself [Ballroom Mix] - The Daou
Open Our Eyes - Marshall Jefferson, The Truth
Touch Me! Touch Me! - LB Bad
Taste My Love - Kym Mazelle
Apt.1A - NY House'n Authority
House for All - Blunted Dummies
House Nation Under a Groove - Da Rebels
Acid Kiss - Sheila
I Called U (Why'd U Fall) - Lil' Louis & The World, The World
Future FJP - Liaisons-D
Can't Get Enough - Master C & J, Liz Torres
Dream Girl - Pierre's Pfantasy Club
Hypnodelic - Francois K, Frans K
Move Me - Eddie Flashin' Fowlkes
I Like It Deep - Sine
One Kiss - Jaya
Planet E [House Mix] - KC Flightt
Never No More Lonely - Fingers Inc. - Layo & Bushwacka
Proton Candy - Metro Area
Morning After - Fallout
Time to Feel the Rhythm - Layo & Bushwacka!
Brighter Days - Cajmere, Dajae
We Shall Overcome - Kenny Larkin
Harmonica Track - Soul Boy
When I Fell N Love - Kathy Summers, UBQ Project
Bang - Phonique
Fluteorgie - Hug
3 Weeks - Tiga
Hay Consuelo [Samim Remix] - Pier Paolo Bucci
Belly Dancing - Guy Gerber
Aurora - Stefan Goldmann
Samba - Paul Ritch
Spastik - Richie Hawtin
Walking Contradiction - Adam Beyer
Long Distance - Bushwacka
After the Love/Ashes Remain - Jesus Loves You, Layo & Bushwacka!
Walk Music - Henrik Schwarz
Ledge - Patrick Chardronnet
Tabloid - Layo & Bushwacka!
What's Your Name? - Martin Buttrich
Sun Can't Compare [Long Version] - Larry Heard, Mr. White
Lights in My Eyes - Riley Reinhold
Saudade Remix - Layo & Bushwacka!


bellatrax - i cant help myself (laidback luke remix)

Apologiez for not postoing this track before, i got it ends of november and forgot completly about it until tonight were i saw it released on beatport. Well great great tune 9/10 for me, if im really picky.

bellatrax - i cant help myself (laidback luke remix)

Chris Vaux - PaRaid

A really famous anthem techhouse style, great tune. Its within the best tracks of trackitdown.com , not sure what possision right now, but hi up :P

Chris Vaux - PaRaid

Mighty Dub Katz - Just Another Groove (Tocadisco Remix)

The last remix by Tocadisco is just madness, good job!

Mighty Dub Katz - Just Another Groove (Tocadisco Remix)

Roger Martinez And Funkuz - Instigate (Original Mix) + Slam (Original Mix)

New artists for me just made it into Beatports top 10 with his track Instigate, and the track is great!
Im posting another track they released at the same time which is also just great. Slam.
Tech house i would say.

Roger Martinez And Funkuz - Instigate (Original Mix)

Roger Martinez And Funkuz - Slam (Original Mix)

Granite & Phunk - Hate To Communicate (original mix)

One of my fav tracks of the year, 10/10 granite & phunk have done it again for me.

Granite & Phunk - Hate To Communicate (original mix)

La.Mia.Bocca + Leoni & Andrew K

two exclusive tracks. the first i don't know anything about the producers or the remixer and i don't know how the fuck armin came upon it but he sent it to me last year and i'm still diggin' it; it ranges between house and trance depending on where you are in the song. the second track some of you may have heard the instrumental version only but it definitely needs the vocals, i remember dj kasper had a boner for this mix at one point over summer. andrew k has kept busy all summer i don't need to mention his other tracks except you should get them 'cause they are worth listening to, repeatedly. this particular remix in spain we call a 'temazo': an instant classic or heavy banger.

La.Mia.Bocca - Ocean Of Sadness (Melih Ask remix)

Leoni & Andrew K - Next To Me (Johan Vermeulen Dub)

miércoles, 2 de enero de 2008

REQUEST: Worthy - Les Tard

Here u go m8, Les Tard!!! XD

Worthy - Les Tard

electronicsource.blogspot.com in session 1

2days left in the voating and its allready clear that most of the viewrs go for electro house, so i thought waiting would just be retarded, i made the first set, but as most of you know im in Spain for the holidays right now, my mixing table is back in England so I wasnt able to use them, in this ocasion I made an exception and recorded the set with VirtualDJ, which on my laptup i cant use hearphones in! XD , so this is just a set to show the tracks Im being moved by the most today! Here i leave u the download link and the tracklisting.

electronicsource.blogspot.com in session 1

Buy Now - Body Crash (Short Edit)
Moston & Malente - Fucked Up (Original Mix)
Gutterpunk - Up 2 11 (Granite & Phunk Mix)
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Waiting For (Tim Royko aka Tim Le El Mix)
Thomas Meghe - Bad Girl (Radio Edit)
Greg Cerone - Invincible Sun (Ruben Gonzalez Btg)
Dj Smash presents Fast Food - Moscow Never Sleeps (Roman Pushkin Remix)
D'azoo At Night And Mig 23 - Meet Her At The Harder Parade
Luc Deneuve - Single Spin (Sim's & Eric Stiée)
Corinna - What's Life (Thomas Gold Remix)
Caesers Palace - Jerk it Out (Laidback Luke & Budya Big Room Mix)

Pls consider that it was virtual and that im no pro, so their are mistakes! I simply hope u like the selection and the way their put together :D.

Dolby Anol.

Dolby Anol - What can i say? Here is their myspace.
I discovered these fabulous artists on myspace a few months ago... Since then things have only got better for them!
Here are a few tracks:

Heather I'm Dry - Dolby Anol
- I quite like this song. Worth a download!

Heil Mary - Dolby Anol
-Again, another nice track..

Sexy Jack - Dolby Anol

She Blinded Me With Dolby - Dolby Anol

Soon to come:

Puppies - Dolby Anol [96KBPS SAMPLE]
- This is a GREAT track! I mean 10/10. It is going to be released this year. Full quality soon!

High School Sex God - Dolby Anol [96KBPS SAMPLE]
- Very nice track, sorry about the samples! Full quality coming soon!

Id Prefer Not To - Dolby Anol [96KBPS SAMPLE]

- Full quality soon to come! (I hope)

Now for some remixxxes:

Lisa (Dolby Anol Remix) - Headfuzz
- I love this track! 8/10 for me.

Needy Girl (Dolby Anol's French Mistake) - Chromeo
- Not the best remix... but still a remix none the less!

Vista Countdown (Freelance Hellraiser Remix) - Dolby Anol
- Sadly i don't have the original, but this is a nice mix!

HOSTAGE! Tracks, Remixes, Unreleased....

What can i say? This year has been great for Mr Hostage.... He has been round europe blasting his beats and making crowds go mental!
Here are all the tracks i have acquired over the past fews months, there are four unreleased tracks for you all! His style ranges from Techno to Electro and some old school rave remixes!
He has an EP coming out this year so check him out: Click here for his myspace!

You can download all the tracks here:
Part 1
Part 2

Another Hit - Hostage [unreleased]
- Some dirrrty bass in this.

Sick - Hostage [unreleased]

Energia - Hostage [unreleased]
OR download here
- This track is insane.insane. I love it! Talk about an upbeat electro house track!

Stadium - Hostage [unreleased]
OR download here
- This track rips up the dancefloor! DOWNLOAD FOR SURE AGAIN! 10/10!

Blackout - Hostage
- Turn this one up loud :) Some heavvvy bass in this as well!

Gluttony (Original Mix) - Hostage

Gluttony (Felix Cartal Remix) - Hostage
- 10/10 - I cannot stop playing this intense track!
A definite download!!!

Gluttony (The Bloody Beetroots remix) - Hostage

I'm High - Hostage
- A nice track, everything you want in a good electro beat.

Money - Hostage

Rave Rave Rave - Hostage
- The title says it all!

Rip Shit Up - Hostage

Ruthless - Hostage
- A great track, very nice indeed.

Wipeout - Hostage
- Reminds me of the song My Friend Dario by vitalic!

Frequency (Hostage Remix) - Altern 8
- A great old school rave remix!

Dominator (Hostage Rave Mix) - Human Resource
- A nice little techno/rave beat.

Drugs (Hostage Remix) - Felix Cartal
- Felix Cartal... I will post some of his fabulous tracks soon... This is a taster :)

Icky Thump (Hostage Remix) - The White Stripes

Hang Me Up To Dry (Hostage Remix) - The Cold War Kids
- Im my opinion this is a great track, i really like the original song as well.

Pets and Cars (Hostage Remix) - Felix Mangor

- A very nice remix in my opinion. Worth downloading!

Simon Says (Hostage Remix) - Pharoahe Monch
- A nice remix of my favourite track ever!

Thomas Meghe - Bad Girl (Radio Edit)

Recent amazing track sent to me by this freak! His 17 and has done productions which match many of the big produccers works. Listen to the rest of his tracks on myspace.
Personally the one i love the most is Loveless. His also shown me some remixes his done which arent on his myspace... and trust me on this one, incredible. Also his style isnt the same over all his tracks, and for someone at that age to have different great styles... usually takes decades.


Thomas Meghe - Bad Girl (Radio Edit)

Is You (Brodinski Remix) - D.I.M.

Thought i would post it for all of you guys!

Its a nice remix!

Is You (Brodinski Remix) - D.I.M.


2 Nice Tracks from an Unknown Artist!

If you know the name of the artist for these tracks comment in the chat box!

Exclusivo - Unknown Artist

Galactico - Unknown Artist


Gutterpunk - Up 2 11 (Granite & Phunk Remix)

This track has been aout for about a year now, and i still dont have it!!!! I found this cid though in which u can listen to the whole track! A friend seems to have found it so ill have it soon.. this track drives me nuts! U dont understand what this track can do in a club.....

Gutterpunk - Up 2 11 (Granite & Phunk Remix)

Mr. Sam feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw - Insight (ATB remix)

well well well, what to say. ATB (not trying to hate) is not the most energetic of producers. His old stuff all sounds the same... however this year was a great one for him touring extensively with Armin Van Buuren in Ibiza and releasing his latest album. This remix is not the ATB we'd been getting accustomed to. To tell you how good this track is it nearly made it to my top ten.

Mr. Sam feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw - Insight (ATB remix)

Boosta - Dance Is Dead (Gareth Emery's Illicit remix)

huge motherfucking remix by Gareth, I don't think this bootleg was ever officially released so this is some exclsuive shit once again for you guys. If anybody does have a vinyl version please upload it and send me the link through a comment ;)

Boosta - Dance Is Dead (Gareth Emery's Illicit remix)

martes, 1 de enero de 2008

Monochrome - Pearl (Gabriel & Dresden Thirst Remix)

First heard this track in the Tollroom knights 2 album 2-3months ago, incredible track and album, got the rip imediatly and heres the proper version, im also posting the original which is also really good.

Monochrome - Pearl (Original Mix)

Monochrome - Pearl (Gabriel & Dresden Thirst Remix)

Oliver Koletzki - Technica Salsa

Crazy tune. Just listen to it.

Oliver Koletzki - Technica Salsa

BEST OF 2007

This is what i think was the best of each thing last year.


christopher norman feat 3pm - turn on the lights (acappella)

(Still havent met anyone that dislikes this song, and the playcount for it on my itunes is of 79 times)


DJ Tiesto . In Search Of Sunrise 6 Ibiza

(Beutifull beutifull cd, the only cd ive bought, EVER! here i leave u the tracklisting with tiestos comments)

1. Steve Forte Rio - A New Dawn
A special melody to open a set with, very original.

2. Nic Chagall - What You Need (NC's In Love With Prog Mix)
There are two great mixes of this track but this one is my favorite for the CD.
In a big room or arena I would play the harder mix.

3. Marc Marzenit - Trozitos De Navidad (Primavera Remix)
A typical Tiësto track with great string pads.

4. John Dahlbäck - Don't Speak
A special and mysterious track with a unique and moody sound.

5. Deadmau5 - Arguru
A producer and fresh talent from Canada, we will hear a lot from this guy in the following years.

6. First State featuring Anita Kelsey - Falling
Big tune on the dancefloor. House beats with trance, a perfect combination!

7. Jonas Steur featuring Jennifer Rene - Fall To Pieces
Very nice production of Jonas, it's a big hit at the moment.

8. JES - Imagination (Tiësto Remix)
My remix of one of my favorite singers. Fits perfectly on the album.

9. Tom Cloud - Mercury Room
I am getting a little more trancy and deeper at the end of this CD, starting with this track.

10. Marcus Schössow - Chase My Rabbit
Great track which has everything: it's energetic, melodic and original.

11. Maor Levi - Reflect
A warm track with great vocals. It's been around for a while but definitely worth it to be on ISOS 06.

12. Progression - Different Day, Different Light
The best track of their debut album.

13. Jedidja - Dancing Water
We made this track especially for the water piece in our Elements Of Life show. You can hear the old skool Tiësto trance sound in this track.

14. D'Alt Vila - Breathing
A perfect, beautiful melody to end the compilation with.



(Ive at least heard one sebastien b podcast per day for the last 365 days, and each time a new episode comes out im simply happier)



(His simple style has made hundrends of tracks, and no matter how badly ppl might say his tracks are easy... ive listened to over a hundred of his tracks and ive liked about 100. Crazy, crazy dude)

REQUEST: 4 Strings - Take Me Away Into The Night (Purple Haze Remix)

I never new Sander van doorn was purple haze, but it makes sense... sander van doorn --->dutch , purple haze.... weeed. Great remix.

4 Strings - Take Me Away Into The Night (Purple Haze Remix)

Mark Mendes - Beneath You (Original mix)

Another crazy track by the canadian responsible for crazy Hay Consuelo!! This track is number 11 in the beatport list at the moment.

Mark Mendes - Beneath You (Original mix)

Markus Schulz - Cause You Know (Nic Chagall Remix)

Freakin' awesome!!! One of the best trance tunes i've heard this year... Chagall adds his essence on this already established masterpiece by markus schulz... 25/10 !!!

Markus Schulz - Cause You Know (Nic Chagall Remix)

Armin's requests: 2/1/2008

I made this list in 5min, ill keep on posting this track over and over again, those tracks which i achieved will be taken of and posted separatly, those which i think of will be added. Also consider i have many many rips to make :P.

Minimal / Progressive House

steve angello & sebastian ingrosso - click (Wally Lopez Remix)

GRANITE - zion (Patrick laFunk remix)

Arias - Espana mi corazon


Leon Bolier and Sied van Riel - With The Flame In The Pipe

Mazzy Star - Into Dust (John O'Callaghan Deep Dream Remix)

Marcus Schössow & Thomas Sagstad - Crepuscolo

Electro House


Sebastien Benett mixe pour clubbingHouse 31 track number 7

Sebastien Benett mixe pour clubbingHouse 31 track number 9

Jon Pegnato feat. SUE - Escape (Granite & Phunk Remix)

Dj Delicious - A new love (Granite & Phunk Remix)

Gutterpunk - Up 211 (Granite & Phunk Remix) <<<<<<<<<<

Kid Massive - Easy your self (Granite & Phunk Remix)

Sebastien Benett - Freakin

Sebastien Benett - House From ibiza New years special track 8

Sebastien Benett - House From ibiza New years special track 14

Vincent Vargas - Why talking feat. Kissey Asplund (Edit 1)

Having any of this tracks makes u god in my ranking ^^.


Given that i can see that around 2000ppl are going into this blog a day, ive decided to try and take advantage of the situation and look for the tracks i want as well. As u may imagine, i have lots and lots. And those i cant find... are touph to find, so this requests will be very very hard, as long as i get one song from this list ill be really happy.

PS: When ever i cant find a track which is good i just forget about it, so this list will be only AMAZING tracks, trust me their are many!!!! The list will be names and rips from sets without the name. The rips will be uploaded so u can listen to them and see if u can find the track its self!

Tignino Leo Ft. Mark Kerr - How Can You Feel (D-Nox & Beckers Remix)

Crazy track i got about a week ago and dont know y forgot to post!!!

Tignino Leo Ft. Mark Kerr - How Can You Feel (D-Nox & Beckers Remix)

REQUEST: South Player - Plumbers Brother

South Player - Plumbers Brother

This version is to short trough uploading the club mix as well, longer and better to my taste :P.

South Player - Plumbers Brother (Club Mix)

REQUEST: 4 Strings - Turn It Around (Sander Van Doorn Vocal Mix)

Love this dj, but this remix must be its early work since his style now is soooo different.

4 Strings - Turn It Around (Sander Van Doorn Vocal Mix)

Destroy Disco - Two great tracks!

These tracks have been out for a while but they are very very good!

Fly Or Bounce - Destroy Disco - Great bass! 10/10 for me!

Jackin' The Box - Destroy Disco

Check out their myspace HERE


More Fabulous Remixes!

My Head (Para One Remix) - Boys Noize - This track is 10/10!

Lava Lava (Feadz Aval Aval Remix) - Boys Noize

Humanoid (Feadz Remix) - Stakker Humanoid

Go On Beef - Feadz

SebastiAn Remixes!

Two nice remixes by SebastiAn:

Bossy (SebastiAn Remix) - Kelis

Walking Machine (Sebastian remix) - Revl9n


bas!L's Top Ten Trance Tunes

(tracks are in random order, no preference)

Marscruiser feat. Kendra Foster - Not Alone Tonight (Blake Jarrell remix)
Blake Jarrell's best remix in my opinion, great vocals and the melody is a delight.

Late Night Alumni - Empty Streets (Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel remix)
(this is not a house track, don't be disturbed by the remixers) I don't have words to describe this song; music on a different level.

Armin Van Buuren - Find (Andy Moor Mix - LIVE From Armada @ Ibiza)
1. I already know it's Ridgewalkers feat. El but this version is off a mix CD of AVB. 2. You're probably asking yourself why the LIVE mix? just listen to it...

Dj Tiësto - Elements Of Life
this track is simply amazing. You can really tell Tiësto puts alot of effort in his productions. This song sounds like he worked on every single fucking second of it to make it sound this nice, it's perfect.

Dj Tiësto - Walking On Clouds
another Tiësto production, older though. One of the first trance tunes i got addicted to. Extremely uplifting beat.

Paul Van Dyk - Nothing But You (PVD Club Mix)
classic banger from the ex-#1 DJ. I'm not going to lie I have a huge boner for this song.

Reflekt feat. Delline Bass - Need To Feel Loved (Original Mix)
massive vocal track, really, MASSIVE. When the chorus drops in it has real nice zone-out feel to it. A unique track.

Smith & Pledger present Aspekt - Hi Jack (Instrumental Mix)
O.K. be prepared to be K.O. by the quality of this tune. Flabbergasting melody (ridiculous adjective for a ridiculously good track).

Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren - Light the Skies (Retrobyte's Classic Electrobounce Mix - Armind)
if you haven't heard this track take your head out of your ass.

JPL - Your Whole Life (Ljungqvist Always Lives remix - Alter Ego)
another gem of a track, perfect transitions within the song itself and quality-made melody. This track is pretty damn exclusive by the way.


I am now in Madrid and will start posting immediately. For having made you guys wait for so long my first post of 2008 will be a treat.


New Headman Single and Remixes!

Most Wanted Deejays - Bad Boys (Club Mix)

Most sites will say its by Bob Sinclaer and a klaas + vandalism remix, i bealived it as well, but found it hard to bealive as klaas dosent really work with vandalism XD, well thanx to a friend i got the real mastermind behind this. Track is actually not this recent.

Most Wanted Deejays - Bad Boys (Club Mix)

Samim - Heater (Robidog Remix)

New remix of heater, with vocals!!!

Samim - Heater (Robidog Remix)

Dj Smash Presents Fast Food - Moscow Never Sleeps (Roman Pushkin Remix)

Another remix of this great track, by no less than Roman Pushkin!

Dj Smash Presents Fast Food - Moscow Never Sleeps (Roman Pushkin Remix)

NEW YEAR'S SHARE: Quality Electro!!

Happy new year everybody... 2 kick start this new year, here's some fresh electro tunes for u, all are HQ and all released on 27/12... Check em out!!

DJ Madmax - Electric Sonic (Original Mix) 10/10 CRAZY tune, really master production

DJ Zya - Jak (Original Mix) 10/10 Dunno how to describe it?!! dancefloor GODZILLA may serve it well!

Alex Armes - Rock Me (Original Mix) 9/10

Michael O'Howe - Sounds Like Music 9.5/10 Pretty good with some FAT bass

Happy New Year

After waiking up from last nights party, firt thing in my mind to wish u all a happy 2008, the year in which Spain will win the eurocup and realmadrid the Ligua, Copa del Rey, Champions League and Intercontinental. :P I hope the blog has helped u out trough the last month and helps u trpughtout 2008. Also hope many new crazy and incredible tunes and producers pop out in this year :P.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Waiting For (Tim Royko aka Tim Le El Mix)

New remix of waiting 4, not the best ive heard but here u go. Number 4 in beatport right now ;).

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Waiting For 2008 (Tim Royko & Tim Le El Mix)