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armin k - vocals

Heres another set i simply decided to record last night. Open for comments, also stil lwaiting for my cdj turntable to arrive,,,, taking longer than what it should, once i get that one ill start recording mutch more. Btw... the soun quality is really crap theres lots of backround noise kinda thingy... anyone know of a way i can get rid of that? thanx.

Tracklisting for the blog.

Wamdue Project - King Of My Castle (Mischa Daniels Vocal Mix)

Meck feat. Dino - So Strong (Inpetto Remix)

Dobenbeck feat. Joanna - Please Don't Go (Chris Reece remix)

Ricardo Reyna - Hasta Que Salga La Luna (Dave Ramone Mix)

Peter Gelderblom - Where The Streets Have No Name

Steve H - Don't Stop Dancin (Steve Angello & Sebastien Ingrosso Remix)

Chicane - Bruised Water (Mischa Daniels Club Mix)

Chris Kaeser feat. Max C - Ulysse (Club Mix)

J Majik Wickaman ft. Kathy Brown - Crazy World (Tv Rock Remix)


miércoles, 30 de abril de 2008

Buy Now - For Sale (Ben-LB Remix)

Heres ben-lb's last remix. Onestly i think its the best yet, really really good. For Sale perfectaly turned into progressive house. Enjoy this exclusive link. And leave comments on what u think ;).

Buy Now - For Sale (Ben-LB Remix)

Remember to chek out his other tunes and podcasts. For more info visit his myspace.

miércoles, 23 de abril de 2008

Mark Knight and Funkagenda-Man with the Red Face(promo 2008)

Mark Knight and Funkagenda-Man with the Red Face(promo 2008)

Sandy Vee - Bleep Incl Pig And Dan Remix-Vinyl-2008

Eddie Thoneick-I Wanna Freak U (VINYL PROMO 2008)

Eddie Thoneick-I Wanna Freak U (VINYL PROMO 2008)

Syke'N'Sugarstarr feat CeCe Rogers - No Love Lost (Gold Ryan and Tapesh Remix)

Syke n' Sugastarr-No Love Lost (D.O.N.S remix)

Novy And Isma Ae Vs Transform Transformation (Vinyl)

Novy And Isma Ae Vs Transform Transformation (Vinyl)

God Is A DJ

God is A DJ - (Onesided Bootleg Vinyl-2008)

Deep Dish Presents Dish of the Day Vol 5-(Bootleg Vinyl-2008)

TDeep Dish Presents Dish of the Day Vol 5-(Bootleg Vinyl-2008)

John Silver ft. D Argento - Ecstasy (Vinly 2008)

John Silver ft. D Argento - Ecstasy (Vinly 2008)

Tube And Berger Vs. Swen Weber

1. Hayabusa
2. Nonstop(Vinyl-2008)

Tube And Berger Vs. Swen Weber

Laurent Wolf - Guestmix (Promo 2008)


Planet Red - Dont Go 2008

Planet Red - Dont Go 2008

Underworld - Ring Road (Laidback Luke Remix)

Underworld - Ring Road (Laidback Luke Remix)

Mark Knight & Funkagenda - Red Face

Mark Knight & Funkagenda - Red Face

Pryda vs. Deadmau5 - Armed_Contact (Bootleg)

Pryda vs. Deadmau5 - Armed_Contact (Bootleg)

Noir - Superskunk (Vinly)

Noir - Superskunk (Vinly)
1-superskunk _ (deadmau5_remix)
2-superskunk _ (original_mix)
3-superskunk _ (sidekick_remix)
4-superskunk _ (ed_kanes_pulling_a_whitey_mix)

Noir - Superskunk (Vinly)

laidback luke and marchand pres. highstreets - dont let go (Sebastien Leger Mix)

laidback luke and marchand pres. highstreets - dont let go (Sebastien Leger Mix)

Deadmau5 - Hi Friend

Deadmau5 - Hi Friend

Michael Paradise - Russian National Ornament 2008

Michael Paradise - Russian National Ornament 2008

Booka Shade - Planetary (Club Mix)

Booka Shade - Planetary (Club Mix)

Will Bailey Pres. Rudi Stakker - Intro (original mix)

Will Bailey Pres. Rudi Stakker - Intro (original mix)

Tocadisco - streetgirls (dabruck and klein mix)

Tocadisco - streetgirls (dabruck and klein mix)

Jay Lumen-Elements Taster EP Two

1. Lys And Omar B - Check Out The Beat (Jay Lumen Remix)
2. Tim Davison - Spark (Jay Lumen Remix)

Thomas Gold - Sexy Butcher (Original mix)

Thomas Gold - Sexy Butcher (Original mix)

Popof The Chomper EP

1 - Popof - The Chomper (LSD Version)

2 - Popof - Tempered Dance

3 - Popof - Chiken Flavour

Gui Boratto - Tales From The Lab

Gui Boratto - Tales From The Lab
1. Tales From The Lab (Sian's No Lab Animals Remix)
2. Tales From The Lab (Dirty Disco Remix by Axel Bartsch)

Gui Boratto - Tales From The Lab

Axwell - Lead Guitar 2008 The Remixes
1. Lead Guitar (Falko Niestolik Remix)
2. Lead Guitar (J.K. David Remix)
3. Lead Guitar (Luke Lawson Remix)
4. Lead Guitar (The Whiteliners Remix)

Axwell - Lead Guitar 2008 The Remixes

Mango - Handelskai (Original Mix)

Mango - Handelskai (Original Mix)

Markantonio - Madagascar (Original Mix)

Markantonio - Madagascar (Original Mix)

Patric La Funk - Icicle (Nice7 Remix)

Patric La Funk - Icicle (Nice7 Remix)

David Keno - Pattex (Format B Remix)

David Keno - Pattex (Format B Remix)

Bumble & Romz Shell Street EP
1. Shell Street (Vinly)
2. Ritmik

Bumble & Romz Shell Street EP

D.O.N.S & DBN ft Kadoc-Night Train (Mobin Master Remix)

D.O.N.S & DBN ft Kadoc-Night Train (Mobin Master Remix)

Alex Gold - Give It Up Reaction (David Tort Remix)

Alex Gold - Give It Up Reaction (David Tort Remix)

D. Ramirez feat. TC - With Me or Against Me (Club mix)

D. Ramirez feat. TC - With Me or Against Me (Club mix)

Sebastien Benett - Midnight Trip (Arias Remix)

Nice Track Here Everyone. Thanks To Salim For This Link...

Sebastien Benett - Midnight Trip (Arias Remix)

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Armin Van Buuren - Imagine (AvB's new artist album!!) :D

I know even u armin my friend u weren't expecting me to post here, but well i couldn't help myself this beauty is a must have by all means!!! :D

[Track List]
1. Armin van Buuren - Imagine 9:27
2. Armin van Buuren with DJ Shah feat. Chris Jones - Going Wrong 5:36
3. Armin van Buuren feat. Jaren - Unforgiveable 8:04
4. Armin van Buuren - Face To Face 7:29
5. Armin van Buuren feat. Audrey Gallagher - Hold On To Me 7:16
6. Armin van Buuren feat. Sharon den Adel - In And Out Of Love 6:01
7. Armin van Buuren feat. Jacqueline Govaert - Never Say Never 6:59
8. Armin van Buuren feat. Cathy Burton - Rain 7:11
9. Armin van Buuren feat. Vera Ostrova - What If 7:17
10.Armin van Buuren feat. Jennifer Rene - Fine Without You 6:26
11.Armin van Buuren - Intricacy 7:07

Rapidshare part 1

Rapidshare part 2

Shareonall part 1

Shareonall part 2

Pass: i8KpREmX

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Apologyze post.

domingo, 13 de abril de 2008

Armin K - Loving Club Music #1

Heres my first recorded set of a series im planing to do, still need to work on my recording quality but i think its good enouph. Ill soon finish creating the podcast and post the link for that as well, hoping to do several series, one for club music like this one, another for electro and a third for progressive, maybe tech house and trance as well.. . Tel me what u think ^^.

Heres the tracklist.

Dj Josepo & Tony Martinez - Damm Baby (Track of The Week)
Sandy W - Bleep (Original Mix)
Allan Ramirez & Bubu - SKY (Original Mix)
D.O.N.S. & DBN feat Kadoc - Night train (Mobin Master Remix)
Lil' Mo' Yin Yang - Reach (TV Rock Mix)
TV Rock Feat. Rudy - Been A Long Time (Laidback Luke Remix)
Fuzzy Hair, Rock Da World - In The End (Mazzali & Orlandi Mix)
Ian Oliver - Vino Vino feat. Eastenders (Club Mix)
Madita - Better Brother (Dbn Remix)
Faithless - Insomnia (René Amesz & Peter Gelderblom Remix) (Classic Of the week)

Download Link

PS: Sorry for not posting mutch but ive been busy this days. Hope u understand ^^

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Erick Morillo - Dancin' 2008 (Ben-LB Remix)

New Ben-LB remix of this classic erick morillo track, chek it out, fresh out of the oven.

Erick Morillo - Dancin' 2008 (Ben-LB Remix)

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anybody have George Morel And SPJ 'Lets Take... (Cedric Gervais Remix)?
i'll post some new stuff in the coming hours

jueves, 3 de abril de 2008


Deadmau5 - Fifths (Original Mix)

Cary Brothers - Ride (Blake Jarrell remix)

Yelle - A Cause Des Garçons (Tepr remix)

Dirty South feat. Paul Harris - Better Day (Cedric Gervais remix)

Glenn Morrison - Blue Skies With Linda

Steve Angello - Need Some (Extended Edit)

De'Lacy - Hideaway (Cedric Gervais Vocal remix)

i'm sorry if recently there's been some overlap between what i've posted here and what i've posted on my personal blog ( but i don't have the same sources available to me as armin does. really my job on this blog is to post trance but i'm trying to cover for armin while he takes a break =P hope i'm not doing too bad of a job. so once again sorry guys and thanks for your patience =)

miércoles, 2 de abril de 2008

hfi 63 + mixe sur clubbinghouse #7

hfi 63

1 : elite force - melodik miles dyson remix
2 : ****
3 : Blogbusters - Forever Young (2-4 grooves remix)
4 : ****
5 :
6 : Tune Brothers - Dirty Nasty (Micha Moor remix)
7 : Daniel Hoppe - Star (Bodybanger Remix)
8 : Sandy Vee - Darkside of me (Dub mix)
9 : Digital Mode feat Marteen - The Rhythm Of The Night ( Shahar Medina remix)
10 : Cybersutra - Lick It ( Hard Rock Sofa remix)

marbrax #7

Bass Kleph and Paul Anthony - Helium (Original Mix)
James Searles - Influence (Original Mix)
Datamotion feat AS 777 - in my eyes
Joey Mazzola and Mike Balance - Flow (Hatiras Remix)
Marbrax - Love me (extended mix)
David Guetta - Aint that enough (Laidback Luke Bootleg)
Nick Coleman - Faces Of Meth (Chardy Remix)
Hot Shot - Get Squared ( Original Mix )
The Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling On (Eric Smax Mix)
Marbrax - PROMO
nari and milani pres - gnor (mattias remix)
Happy Clappers - I Believe (Vandalism club mix)
Giorgio Sainz feat Amrick Channa - Youve Got (marbrax rmx)
mescal kid - magic (second mix)
Buy Now - Body Crash ( Dirty South Remix )
Fabricio Medeiros - Sintonia (original mix)


i shall be posting tracklists for the new sebastien-b and marbrax, plus uploading some new house/electrohouse/trance tunes i've gotten in recent days in the following hours.

martes, 1 de abril de 2008


sorry but more requests.

the third song i was looking for previously is indeed dj marbrax - my house is mine but i can't find the mix i'm looking for so does anyone have the single with all the remixes?

supafly inc. - be together (i have the rip i want the vinyl version, i can also upload the rip if anyone hasn't heard it)

oliver moldan & jerome isma-ae - james dean cool (old but i never found it)

don't bother downloading the new tiesto single (goldrush) it sucks


thanks for these two

Fuzzy Hair & Rock Da World - In the End (Mazzali & Orlandi Mix)

Dj Jeroenski - Back Once Again (Muzikjunki remix)

in case you missed this remix
Fragma - Toca's Miracle 2008 (Vandalism remix)

and one for kicks
Fischerspooner - The Best Revenge (Tocadisco's Macaco Gordo Mix)

domingo, 30 de marzo de 2008


went out clubbing last night and heard three tracks i'd never heard before.

1. dj jeroenski - back once again (muzikjunki remix)
2. linkin park - in the end (some crazy progressive house remix)
3. a remix of that song with the lyrics "your house is my house and my house is your house"

if you have or know of anything concerning these tracks please comment on the post =)

sábado, 29 de marzo de 2008


Playlist Hfi 61
1)The Beatthiefs ft Shena - Why did ya (david tort and Dj ruff remix)
2) Blow Up - John Travolta (Nari And Milani Remix)
3) Arias - TQ (Original Mix)
4) DJ Disciple feat. Dawn Tallman - Work It Out (Klaas Remix)
5) Hot Shot -Get Squared (Original Mix)
6) Pryda - Pjanoo (Original Mix) + music is the answer accapella
8)Myst-ic - Overtime (Téo Moss Remix)
9)John Dahlback – Pyramid (Original Mix)

hors series
1) Chris Kaeser ,Shazer'K - Here once again (***)
2) Pryda - Aftermath (Original Extended version)
3) Denis Naidanow - Ascension (Laidback Luke Remix)
4) Sebastien Ingrosso - Body beat (Steve Angello remix)
5) Steve Lawler - That Sound (Angello & Ingrosso Remix)
6) Shiny Grey - I'm a dreamer
7) Axwell - Watch the sunrise (Axwell re-mode)
8) Benjamin Bates - Whole (Steve Angello Remix)
9) Steve Angello and Steve Ingrosso - Breathe (Instrumental Mix)
10) *** - ***

hfi 62
1) BWO - Lay Your Love On Me (Ali Payami Remix)
2)The Presets-My People(Dim Remix)
3) *** - ***
4) Craig Obey - Music is in my mind (Tommy Trash Remix)
5) *** - *** + *** - *** (Acap)
6) D’azoo at night – Ready set go! (Original Club mix)
7) *** - ***
8) Basshunter - Now You're Gone ( Dazoo at night Remix )
9) Crew 7 – Money for nothing ( tim verba Remix )
10) *** - ***

jueves, 27 de marzo de 2008


Buy Now - For Sale (Angello & Ingrosso Original)

Buy Now - For Sale (Felix Da Housecat remix) for me this mix is alot better

David Guetta feat. Chris Willis & Mone - Money (Radio Edit)


Dubfire (of Deep Dish) - Roadkill (Cedric Gervais Mix)

Niels Van Gogh vs. Eniac - Slamming Doors (Spacekid & Lion Julian's Slammin Electro Mix)

Tamara's World - Trampoline (Cedric Gervais Extended Mix)

The BeatThiefs feat. Shena - Why Did Ya (David Tort & Dj Ruff SutilVox Mix)

Simon & Shaker vs. Groove Garcia - Soultech (Simon & Shaker remix)

miércoles, 19 de marzo de 2008

V.A. - Best Electronic Music Vol 3.

Heres another big compilation with lots of new tunes, once uve got all the tracks from the compilation i posted before, u can move onto this one. Focus on the new David & Ruff remix, as well as many new remixes of great tracks sutch as times of my life, i found u etc.etc. Enjoy.

1. Alive Stone, Alex Emelin - Fucking Sound (Original Mix)
2. Axwell - I Found U (John Made Mix)
3. Bumble & Romz - Synopsis
4. Chen - Robot Jenya (Swanky Tunes Remix)
5. Crazy Town - Butterfly (Dj Vini Mix)
6. Da Touch - Heart Of Paris (David Guetta, Hedi Zayani And Fred Rister)
7. Digitalism - Magnets (La Mode's Space Pirate Remix)
8. Dj Rem feat Shakeh - I'm Alive 2008
9. D Ramirez & Mark Knight - Colombian Soul (Electro Remix 200
10. E-Unit - Nowhere Else On Earth feat. Simone K (Instrumental Club Mix)
11. Electric Soulside - Second Life (Rob Reng Mix)
12. Faarsheed Feat. Toni - Stronger Sound (Original Mix)
13. First State Featuring Anita Kelsey - Falling
14. Flatback 4 - Nice Tight Derriere (Michael Gray Remix)
15. Georgie Porgie - Lift Your Voices (Digital Dog Elektro Club)
16. Hernandez Vs. Dj Tyo - Let You Down (Thomas Gold Dub Mix)
17. Jay Cox - The Way Of The Future (Phatjak Back In Da House Remix)
18. John Revox - Music In My Head (Ricktown Remix)
19. Kid Dub & Liz Cirelli - Perverted Ways
20. Kobbe - Discoqueen (Danny Woo And Ralph Cedeno Remix)
21. Lifelike & Roman Salzger - Radio 84 (2007 Mix)
22. Mamba - Who Got The Rhythm
23. Martin Solveig - C'est La Vie (Martin Solveig vs. Fedde Le Grand Remix)
24. Michael Jackson - Mama Say Mamakossa (E-Bonit Version 200
25. Noir feat. Alexander Perls - Times Of My Life (Bart B More Remix)
26. Paul Bingham - Superstar (Nino Anthony Remix)
27. Play Paul and Denis Naidanow - All Mine (Eddie Thoneick Rmx)
28. Robotoid - Music Radio Actif
29. Sander Van Doorn - The Bass (Wardt Remix)
30. Sven Vath - Beauty And The Beast (Eric Prydz Remix)
31. The Beatthiefs Featuring Shena - Why Did Ya (David Tort & Dj Ruff Remix)
32. The Halftones - Like A Pocket (Andrea Doria Remix)
33. Ttuser - High Voltage (Electro Dry Mix)
34. Umbrella - Killerloop (Original Mix)
35. Workidz - Big Wave (Original Mix)

Password : indahouse




Solid Sounds 2008 volume 1 (2008) [3 CD´s]

Heres another compilation of tracks, lots of names. Basically everything u need from end of 2007. If you dont have 50% or more or the tracks download the comp. If u do, search for the ones u dont have.

1. Nicolette - No Government (Tocadisco's Lazy Days Remix)
2. Etienne De Crecy - Punk (6:55)
3. Underworld - Beautiful Burnout (Mark Knight Remix)
4. Popof - Alcoolic
5. Brodinski - Bad Runner
6. John Dahlback - Hustle Up
7. Laidback Luke - Break Down The House
8. Arno Cost And Norman Doray - Apocalypse
9. Plastikman - Spastik (Dubfire Rework)
10. Marc Houle - Techno Vocals

1. Jurgen Paape & Boy Schauffer - We Love
2. Matti Schwartz Feat. Jonny l - I Can't Wait For Love
3. Kut And Swel - Stone Fox Chase
4. Kid Dub - Tetris (Tocadisco Edit)
5. Steve Angello - Trix
6. Adam K And Soha - Twilight
7. Oxia - 12 Years Later
8. DJ Dig - Xess (Mason Remix)
9. Dominator - Do You Love Me (Laidback Luke Remix)
10. D.I.M. - Is You

1. Sebastien Leger - Sun
2. Tocadisco - Morumbi
3. Axwell - Submariner
4. Kabale und liebe & Daniel Sanchez - Mumbling Yeah (Loco Dice Tribute Remix)
5. Lucio Aquilina - My Cube
6. Ito And Star - Sudoko Kid (Nic Fanciulli Remix)
7. Radio Slave - Bell Clap Dance
8. Dada Life - Sweeter Than Fever (David West And Ida Engberg Remix)
9. System 7 - Space Bird (Dubfire Deep Space Remix)
10. Etienne Jaumet - Repeat Again After Me (Вme Remix)

Password : indahouse

Ben-LB I Love Electro March Vol.2

After a long break on the blog, im back on posting a few things. To start off here the last ben-lb podcast. As good as usual. Chek out some of the releases on the exclusive podcast.

Kylie Minogue - In My Arms (Sebastien Leger Mix)
Martijn Ten Velden - I Wish You Would (Tom Novy's Summer Anthem Mix)
xxxx -In Out Of My Life (Original Mix)
Luke Dzierzek - Echo (John Dahlback Remix)
Ben-LB - Ibernatus (Original Mix)
Sebastien Benett - Midnight Trip (xxxx Remix)
Dj Shog - Feel Me (Inpetto Vocal Remix)
Wallstreet feat. Justin Hayward - Out there somewhere (John Dahlback Remix)
Deadmau5 - Not Exactly (Jean Claude Ades Hypnotic Remix)
Mark Knight and Funkagenda - Shogun (Mark Knight and Funkagenda's Trusty Djembe Dub)

Stream or Download here

Or suscribe to the podcast here

martes, 18 de marzo de 2008

Looking For Some Old Tracks

Hey All Looking For These Tracks, Post Links In Comments And Ill Link Them Thanks.

DJ T - Freemind
Bon Garcon - Freak you (Full Intention Remix)
Daft Punk - Rollin' & Scratchin'
Alter Ego - Rocker
Spektrum - Kinda New (Tiefschwarz Dub)
Yazz vs Mylo - Don't Drop The Pressure
Fat Phaze - It's Magic (Lottie Remix)
Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso - Yeah
Buy Now - For Sale (Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso Remix)
David Guetta -- Money

martes, 4 de marzo de 2008

House From Ibiza 60

New sebastien -b house from ibiza is out. And hearing the first 10min im allready smiling like i havent in a while. Best pdocast in a while. Heres the playlist i have so far. Missing one track ^^.

1) Dj Sender - Kiss You ( Hard rock sofa remix)
3)Dr. Alban - Sing Hallelujah (Groove Bandits Electro Mix)
4)Remix de aaliyah - one in a million
5) Black Box - Everybody Everybody (Benny benassi remix)
7)Ritmo Playaz - Get Together ( Original Mix)
8)Dynamic Rockers - I Know (Greg B Remix)
9)Scalambrin & Sicily Pleasure- Some Girls (Dub Mix)
10) Buy Now - Body crash ( Laidback Luke remix )

lunes, 3 de marzo de 2008

REQUEST: Steve Angello & Laidback Luke - Be (Jquintel Remix)

Thanx to salahy.

Steve Angello & Laidback Luke - Be (Jquintel Remix)

Marbrax mixe sur #4

This weeks set is mutch more electronic and club like, tech house etc, that then usual. Lots of tracks that will interest you ;) I would guss that this is the music u would expect in a modern french club. Many of this songs are or have been between beatports top 10. If u see that the link for a track isnt given it means i dont have it and if u help getting it would be great ^^.

1 - Alter Ego - Why Not (Tim Deluxe Remix)
2 - format b - full house
3 - mastiksoul - fix this
4 - G. Riedatz - Mode (Daley Padley's Re-Vox Mix)
5 - Joe T Vannelli - Harlem (Mark Knight Mix)
6 - MOS - Emotional Distortion (Popof Remix)
7 - Velkro - Prophecy
8 - funkagenda - what the fuck (original club mix)
9 - Stupid Fresh - Get The Fuck Up
10 - aeronautics - it's a fine day (zerosix club mix)
11 - Re-Zone - Don't Wanna Be Your Prisoner (DJ Anton Arbuzov remix)
12 - Steve Angello and Laidback Luke - Be ( Jquintel Remix )
14 - Hatiras and Jelo - Donkey Punch
15 - London Calling - You Drive Me Crazy (Yellow Drill Remix)

Joey Negro - Make A Move (Fat Choons Remix)

Not sure if this remix is new or from the day of the release, but the remix is surely better than the original in my opinion. good request.

Joey Negro - Make A Move (Fat Choons Remix)

REQUEST: Saxo - Les Bruits De La Foret

2years old but ^^.

Saxo - Les Bruits De La Foret

sábado, 1 de marzo de 2008

Ben-LB Live @ Queen 29-02-08,

Here we have the live recoring of the set we were looking forward to trough the last 2 weeks. I have the playlist and i can tell u its a 10, best progressive house out at the moment i would say. Over 2 hours in length and with good quality. Enjoy ^^.

Ben-LB Live @ Queen 29-02-08,

Suscribe to the podcast with itunes

viernes, 29 de febrero de 2008

REQUEST: felix da housecat - Like Something 4 Porno (Lost Daze Remix)


felix da housecat - Like Something 4 Porno (Lost Daze Remix)

vinyl release agnelli & nelson remix of perfect

just got the vinyl release this morning ;) probably the best trance track out right now

Markus Schulz feat. Dauby - Perfect (Agnelli & Nelson remix)

jueves, 28 de febrero de 2008

Markus Schulz Presents Coldharbour Recordings Vol 5

Markus Schullz, without a doubt one of the best trance djs at the moment, has released his next sequel of coldharbour recordings, here is volume 5!! Trust me , great trance the style i prefer. Also, the format is in separate tracks ;). Which i allways prefer more.

artist.......: VA
album........: Markus Schulz Presents Coldharbour Recordings Vol 5
label........: Armada
source.......: WEB
catalognr....: ARDI602
Genre........: Trance 000-00-0000 Feb-25-2008
tracks.......: 10
size.........: 133,6 MB
encoder......: Lame 3.97 V2
quality......: 320kbps / 44.1kHz / Full Stereo




01~ Andrew Bennett Feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw - 04:48
Heaven Sent (Andrew Bennett And Tom Cloud Rem
02~ Andrew Bennett - Safe From Harm04:51
03~ Benya - Dione (Original Mix) 07:49
04~ Enmass - Avalon04:54
05~ Jan Johnston Meets J Joy - Rush05:17
(Benya Vocal Remix)
06~ Jan Johnston Meets J Joy - Rush05:04
(Carl B Remix)
07~ Mr. Pit - Isolarium05:22
08~ Rob B - Activation 08:46
09~ Ronski Speed Feat. Sir Adrian Vs. Rex Mundi05:21
- The Perspective Space (Markus Schulz Mash U
10~ Sonic Division - Bulky Hero06:05

total..: 58:17 min

V.A. - Serious Beats 57 [3 CD´s]

Best compilation i could find out in the web. Enjoy ;).

CD 1:
1. martin solveig feat. jay sebag – c’est la vie (fedde vs martin club mix)
2. niki belucci – get up (d.o.n.s. & dbn meeting at the beauty salon main mix)
3. richard grey – thriller (vocal mix)
4. ian oliver feat. shantel – bucovina (ian oliver’s clubovina mix)
5. tristan garner feat. akil – give love (arias remix)
6. tom de neef & laidback luke – humanoidz (arno cost & norman doray remix)
7. dim chris – sucker
8. jin sonic – giant panda
9. the subs – kiss my trance
10. yelle – a cause des garçons (tepr remix)

CD 2:
1. mark brown feat. sarah cracknell – the journey continues (vocal club mix)
2. jody wisternoff – starstrings (vocal version)
3. armand van helden feat. nicole proux – je t’aime
4. david vendetta – hold that sucker down (vocal mix)
5. mighty dub katz – just another groove (tocadisco remix)
6. till west & eddie thoneick vs alexandra prince – hi'n'bye (eddie thoneick la guitarra mix)
7. roger sanchez – free (gregor salto & dj madskillz remix)
8. steve angello & laidback luke – be (instrumental)
9. axwell & sebastian ingrosso vs salem al fakir – it’s true (roog & prom remix)
10. chromeo – needy girl (vandalism remix)

CD 3:
1. out of office – break of dawn 2008 (club mix)
2. carl kennedy – the love you bring me (eddie thoneick remix)
3. my digital enemy feat. mooli – wasted (lys remix)
4. jeremy sylvester pres. juice string – sex weed (laidback luke remix)
5. adam k & soha – twilight (chris barratt remix)
6. dino lenny – coca loca (bart b more remix)
7. tocadisco feat. chelonis r. jones – shrine (tocadisco club mix)
8. fedde le grand & funkerman feat. dorothy & andy sherman – 3 minutes to explain
9. jerry ropero feat. cozi costs – the storm (john dahlbäck dub)
10. andrea doria vs lxr – beauty of silence (inpetto remix)

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phynn + jjoy + markus schulz

Phynn - Startfire At Night (Original Mix - Euphoric)

Jjoy & Kirsty Hawkshaw - Love Is No Possession (Insound remix)

Markus Schulz feat. Dauby - Perfect (Agnelli & Nelson remix - Coldharbour) (i only have the rip, if someone has the vinyl release please let me know ;)

REQUEST: Bolier & Van Riel - With the Flame In the Pipe (Original Mix)

Here you go m8, just got it around 5days ago, havent had time to upload it. Quality track 10/10.

Bolier & Van Riel - With the Flame In the Pipe (Original Mix)

miércoles, 27 de febrero de 2008

REQUEST - Tristan Garner - Give Love (Arias Remix)

grat tune, 9/10.

Tristan Garner - Give Love (Arias Remix)

martes, 26 de febrero de 2008

Marbrax mixe sur #3

This guy for me is the god in electrohouse at the moement together with Dj antoine, his done many many releases and all very good, and now we can listen to his exclusive electrohouse podcast!!! This guys podcast i like as mutch as Sebastien-B's. So will also be looking at this guys style and tracks. Pls help by saying in the comments box as mutch as u know ^^.

Click here to suscribe in itunes.


1 Marco DeMark Feat Casey Barnes - Tiny Dancer (John Dahlback Mix)
2 ****-****
3 ****-****
4 ****-****
5 ****-****
6 Marbrax - Xstasy
7 ****-****
8 ****-****
9 ****-****
10 dvj bazuka - body rock (marbrax remix)
11 **** - ****

As u can see, still lots of bits needed from here.Cheers ^^