viernes, 30 de noviembre de 2007

Global Deejays feat Rozzalla - Everybodys free

Top 3 Remixes of the last track by Gloobal Deejays. Once again in order of best to worst.

Global Deejays feat Rozzalla - Everybodys Free (2 Elements Remix)

Global Deejays feat Rozzalla - Everybodys Free (Klaas Remix)

Global Deejays feat Rozzalla - Everybodys Free (General Electric mix)

Brane - Up & Down

Really funky beat by another dutch dj.

Brane - Up & Down (Original Mix)

Eddie Thoneick Feat. Chelonis R. Jones - If Only (Original Mix)

New tune by the famous dutch dj.

Eddie Thoneick Feat. Chelonis R. Jones - If Only (Original Mix)

2 new tunes for Dj Chus

The first post for some balearic house, personaly my faivourite for clubbing :D.
2 new tunes by dj chus from spain, the second song is done with his soul mate ceballos (on the right)

DJ Chus Meets Pete Tha Zouk - There Is A God (Original Stereo Mix)

Chus, Carlos Manaca & Ceballos - The Strong Rhythm (Redkone Miau Remix)

2 Elements - Dont be so shy (Groove Agents Remix)

Another great tune by this 2 great djs.

2 Elements - Dont be so shy (Groove Agents Remix)

Daft Punk - One more time

Same as i did before with around the world just that now with one more time, once again in the order of what i bealive is best to worst.

Daft Punk - One More Time (D'azoo At Night 2007)

Daft Punk - One More Time (The House Moguls 2007 Remix)

Daft Punk - One more time 2007 (Daft Unreleased Dub)

Daft Punk - One More Time - Aerodynamic

Another remix by Thomas Gold

Eric Smax - That's It (Thomas Gold Mix)

Taking the liverty to put the original which is also nice.

Eric Smax - That's It

Tom Stephan & Martin Accorsi - Erupt (Laidback Luke Remix)

New execellent remix by Laidback luke

Tom Stephan & Martin Accorsi - Erupt (Laidback Luke Remix)

Granite & Phunk

Allright, so this duo from texas defenetaly stand between my faivourite 5producers, all there beats are beutifull and really funky at the same time, also they vary more than what you would expect them to. Here im posting 9 of their greates beats, make sure u have the 8 of them.

Michael Gray feat. Luciana - 'Fashion' [Granite & Phunk Remix]

Funkerman - Speed Up (Granite & Phunk Big Room Remix)

Activ & Optick - Feel Good (Granite & Phunk Remix)

Granite & Phunk - This Real Life (Granite & Phunk Club Mix)

Granite & Phunk pres. Big Fish - One & Only

Jacobo Padilla - Freedom (Granite & Phunk Rmx)

Central Avenue - I Need Your Lovin' (Granite & Phunk Mix)

Granite and Phunk - Switch on Push Play (Dj Sender club mix)

Granite & Phunk - Hate To Communicate (Alexander Orue Remix)

PS: This last one.. hate to communicate, i have the original in a session... mutch better than this remix, but cant manage to find the original >.< if anyone has it id be greatfull for a link :D

A bunch of more relaxing recent electronic tunes.

A few beutiful tracks... trance... minimal... a bit of chill out

Paul Oakenfold - Southern Sun (Oakey's 2008 Mix)

Portishead and Massive Attack - Teardrops

David Guetta feat. chris willis - higher


Fragma - Toca Me (Deadmau5 Remix)

Arnej - People Come, People Go

Seal - Amazing (Thin White Duke Main Mix)

John Dahlback - Better Be (Original Mix)

Musetta - Peace & Melody (Bart Van Wissen Mix)


Great, great, great american dj. His just published another 3 great tunes. If u have time id avice u to listen to his older remixes and tracks as well. Xess, was recently published 2days ago i think.... so the version i have is still a rip, but ill put the proper version as soon as i have it.

Dj Dlg - 1984 (Original Mix)

Dj Dlg - Axons (Original Mix)

Dj Dlg - Xess (Mason remix)

A bunch of recent hard hitting house songs.

If u listen to house, u must listen to theise...

Murk - Reach for me (tv rock dirty south remix)

The Frey - How to save a life (robbie rivera mix)

Bellatrax - I cant help myself (laidback luke remix)

Alex Gaudino ft. Sam Obernik- Que pasa contigo (Philippe b. & Romain Curtis RMX)

Kernkraft 400 - Zombie Nation 8.0 (Jakob Carrison Rmx)

Greg Cerrone - Invincible (Afrojack Dubmix)

Fedde Le Grand & Funkerman - 3 Minutes To Explain

Roman Salzger & Steve Angello - Sincerly Yours (Original Mix)

Nayo - desert storm (Smax & Gold Remix)

Nick Terranova - Shake The Wall (Original Mix)

Albin Myers - Sex Me Up (Original Mix)

Grant Nelson - Seasons Of Jack (Jesse Garcia electro mix)

Calvin Harris - Merrymaking At My Place (Deadmau5 Dub)

Alice Deejay - Better Of Alone 2008 (Eliran Haliva Mix)

Klaas -Going Insane (Original Mix)

Laidback Luke - Break Down The House (Original Mix)

Juice String - Sex Weed (Laidback Luke Remix)

Kid Dub - Tetris (Noir Remix)

Supermode - Tell Me Why (2 Elements Remix)

Dazzla & Ronny Clark - That Moment She Came (Finger & Kadel Remix)

Didier Sinclair Feat Lidy V - Feel The Wave (Ali Payami Remix)

Valentino - Hayati (You The One That I Want) (Ali Payami Dub Remix)

D.O.N.S. vs. DBN - The Nighttrain (D.O.N.S. meets DBN In On Board Remix)

Evermore - Its Too Late (Dazoo At Night Rmx)

Quintino feat. Laidback Luke - Collosus

Comiccon - Komodo 2007 (Club Vocal Mix)

Olivier Darock - Girls and Boys (Bastian Van Shield Remix)

Just make sure u listen to this song.

Olivier Darock - Girls and Boys (Bastian Van Shield Remix)

Dim Chris

Here are 4 recent remixes of Dim Chris which show the french dj's true power. Im also adding one of his recent tracks (also quality!) Personaly the song i like the most here... is insanity.

Alan Master T - People Hold On (Dim Chris Remix)

Dan Marciano & Michael Kaiser - Insanity (Dim Chris Remix)

john dalhback - blink (dim chris remix)

DJ Marbrax - My House Is Mine (Dim Chris Remix)

Dim Chris - Sucker

2 for Mondo

Well this guy is a great producer and all, but i dont know mutch about him other than his songs... i know a dj mondo.. but i think thats someone else so im in a complicated position. Got dozens of songs from this guy... all good, but dont want to put a picture of him until im sure its him.

Anyways here are the links.

Comiccon - Luvstruck (Mondo Mix)

Bodybangers - Famous (Mondo Remix)

New Remix made by Klaas & Micha Moor

He somehow seems to make remixes of all those song we think need them. Here his worked with Micha Moor. Great German couple.

Dj Gollum feat. Felix - Fairytale gone bad (Klaas & Micha Moor Remix)


This are some of the late tracks done by the DJ of the great nation of France. No i am not french, i dedicate this to my french friends.


Noir - Times Of My Life Ft Alexander Perls (Arias Mix)

Arias - Flyin (Original Mix)

Tristan Garner - Give Love (Arias Remix)

Arias - Twelve (Noir Shake Remix)

Arias - I Miss You

Daft Phunk - Around the World

Lately many remix of the Daft Phunk clasic tracks have been coming out, im putting the best remixes of his song around the world, in what i think is the best order.. best to worst.

Daft Phunk - Around The World (Kid Dub Remix)

Daft Phunk - Around the World (Villains' More Cowbell DJ Edit)

Daft Phunk - Around The World & Harder Better Faster Stronger

Dj Disciple - Rise Up (Jesse Garcia Remix)

Great tune by Dj Disciple which is one of my faivourite house producers... mostly because all his tunes are quality. So im leaving the link to a few more of the great tracks his done in the past.

Dj Disciple - Rise Up (Jesse Garcia Remix)

Dj Disciple Feat Dawn Tallman - Work It Out (David Tort & Dj Ruff Remix)

Dj Disciple - Changes (NYC Sexy Mix)

Dj Disciple ft. Michelle Weeks - Turn it around (Ruff & Tort remix)

Emanuel, McCall & Jamesie Feat. Rita Campbell - In This Silence

New remixes of the great tune by delerium now redone by Emanuel, McCall & Jamesie. Also putting the link for the original one and the tiesto remix which i bealive is the best one so far.

Emanuel, McCall & Jamesie Feat. Rita Campbell - In This Silence

Emanuel, McCall & Jamesie Feat. Rita Campbell - In This Silence (Chris Kaeser Remix)

Delerium - Silence (Tim Le El vs. Micha Moor 2007 Remix)

Delerium - Silence (Dj Tiesto Mix)

Delerium - Silence

Purpouse of blog.

Mainly to be able to keep my tracks somewere were my friends can get them easily.
Secondly to help the spread of electronic music.

This blo will be focused on Trance, Progressive, House, Electro House, Progressive House and Minimal. Great tunes of other genres will be added as well.